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Hi, This is my journey to become a Foreign Service General Services Officer with the Department of State. I'll be saying good bye to a 20 year Military career with the United States Air Force in hopes of starting my second career. I've been living overseas for 18 of the past 20 years, so going with the Department of State is second nature for me. I look forward to having all of you take this journey with me, I'm sure it will be one helluva ride!


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Monday, August 29, 2011

12 Dimensions....

Ok, I decided to give DoS a call and see when my Oral Assessment date will be. Since I'm in Japan, I want to schedule my flight as far out in advance as possible. Tickets to D.C. are averaging around $1600 r/t. OUCH!!! Long story short...The nice lady that answered the phone said they probably won't send out any OA dates until mid to late October, with the actual evaluations taking place in November or December time frame.

As so many others before me have already said...Hurry up and wait!

This actually gives me a little time to take the advice of a fellow blogger Foreign Obsession: I feel the earth move under my feet... . She recommended making 3 examples of each one of the 12 Dimensions, and become extremely familiar with them. So, this week, that's what I plan to work on. 36 examples of my life.

As always, Thanks for sharing my Journey with me.

To your success!!

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